How Not To Die Review

How Not To Die Review

Before we begin the How Not to Die Review let’s give you some background information about the author.

Dr. Michael Greger, is an internationally-renowned nutrition expert, physician, and founder of the widely popular website NutritionFacts.org. And now Dr. Greger is author of the best-selling book “How Not to Die”. The following is a brief review of the book.

How Not To Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

how not to die reviewIn the book Dr. Greger goes into an in-depth discussion about foods scientifically proven to both prevent and reverse disease. He also discusses how the vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through very simple changes in a person’s diet and lifestyle. Dr. Greger further expounds upon how simple nutritional and lifestyle changes can often times trump prescription drugs and other pharmaceutical and surgical approaches, thus freeing us to live longer and healthier lives.

Today’s Health Concerns and The Modern Day Western Diet

Today’s health concerns and trends are not only very disturbing, but they are also long lasting and chronic. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health:

“Approximately 300,000 deaths a year are currently associated with overweight and obesity, second only to cigarette smoking as a leading cause of preventable death in the United States”

And here are some more disturbing health facts for you to digest.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least on prescription drug, and more than 50 percent take at least two, this according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

So what is the cause of these very disturbing health facts and concerns? How did we as Americans get to this point that most of us are either obese or overweight? How did we get to the point that most of us now take at least one prescription drug? The answer to this question very simply is nutrition and lifestyle. The type of foods you eat – AKA your diet – and the kind of lifestyle you live are the primary contributors to today’s health problems.

And this is where the book “How Not To Die” comes into play; an extremely valuable resource and tool that can be utilized as a solution to these many health concerns. However, here is what separates this book from all other health and wellness books. This also distinguishes the major difference between Dr. Greger’s proposals to solve the problem verses mainstream medicine.

Prevention vs. Treatment

The primary reason why so many people these days are suffering from chronic illness is because of the emphasis placed on “treatment” by mainstream medicine. Or in-other-words, too much emphasis is placed on treatment and not enough on prevention. And why is this focus on treatment by mainstream medicine not the solution to solving today’s health problems? Why is popping a pill (pharmaceutical drugs) not the solution to today’s modern day health problems? Very simply the reason why is because most of today’s chronic illnesses and diseases can be remedied through prevention and preventative medicine. Or in-other words, many of today’s chronic illnesses and diseases can be prevented by way of simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

And to further clarify this argument, here is a quote from Dr. Greger that will put this all into proper perspective.

“The simple truth is that most doctors are good at treating acute illnesses but bad at preventing chronic disease”

But here is the bottom line and what you will learn from reading this book. If you read this book and follow the advice given by Dr. Greger – all of which is backed up by strong scientific evidence – you will learn which foods to eat and which lifestyle changes to make in order to live a longer healthier life.

And lastly, I will conclude this book review with a brief outline of the book.

Outline of Book

This book is organized into two parts which can be summarized as follows:

Part 1

In the first part of the book Dr. Greger dissects and examines the top fifteen causes of death in America which includes the following:

Heart Disease

Lung Disease

Brain Disease

Digestive Cancers



High Blood Pressure

Liver Disease

Blood Cancers

Kidney Disease

Breast Cancer

Suicidal Depression

Prostate Cancer

Parkinson’s Disease

Iatrogenic Causes

The sad truth of the matter is these fifteen leading causes of death claim the lives of 1.6 million Americans annually. But is that the way things have to be? Does this really have to be the case? Or is this just the way of life? Well, if you were to read the book “How Not To Die” and follow the advice given by Dr. Greger in the book, you would soon realize this really does not have to be the case. You will learn that the vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. And as indicated earlier, you will not only learn which foods to eat – to prevent and even reverse these diseases – but you will also learn what lifestyle changes to make to live a long and healthier life.

In fact, did you know that:

Adding flaxseed to your diet will reduce your risk of prostate cancer

Or that drinking hibiscus tea is more effective in treating high blood pressure than leading hypertensive drugs – and without the side effects

Or that switching to a whole-food, plant-based diet has been repeatedly shown not just to prevent heart disease but often stop it dead in its tracks

So those are just a few examples of what you will learn in part one of the book. And also, in addition to showing what to eat to help treat the top fifteen causes of death – part 1 of the book – here is what you will learn in part 2 of the book.

Part 2

Part 2 of How Not to Die includes Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen – which includes a checklist of the twelve foods we should consume every day. Here is a preview of Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen:



Other Fruits

Cruciferous Vegetables


Other Vegetables


Nuts and Seeds

Herbs and Spices

Whole Grains



Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen is available as an app that you can install on your smartphone. This free app is available in both Android and iPhone. Just go to your favorite search engine and type “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen App” in the search box.

This now concludes the How Not to Die book review. This is a “must read” book. So I highly recommend this book, and I would give it a “five star review”.

The book is full of practical, actionable advice and cutting edge nutritional science – which is just what the doctor ordered… and just what we need to live longer, healthier lives!

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