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Big Medicine: The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together Can Rebuild a Better System

Big Medicine Book Review and Summary

The book ‘Big Medicine’ by Dr. Elaina George is a terrific book which outlines the detrimental effects big medicine has had on the healthcare system in general and on patients in particular. In a nutshell ‘big medicine’ is the highly bureaucratic regulatory system which has imposed its will on hospitals, doctors, patients, and the entire healthcare industry. So let’s go ahead and highlight and outline some of the key points made in the book.

● Dr. George believes medical care is about human beings. Instead we have seen an increasing amount of bureaucracy and dehumanization in medicine.

● Politicians and large corporations have wrestled control of medical care and they have disregarded the input of independent private physicians – which is the backbone of medicine.big medicine book

● The 2010 Affordable Care Act is about politics, not about patients.

● A strong belief that the solution is a return to a patient-centered health care delivery system based on excellent care at a reasonable cost. A focus on patient-centered health care is the key to delivering quality health care.

● Wants a patient-centered health care delivery system provided by independent private physicians.

● Independent private physicians and solo practice doctors have firsthand knowledge and understanding of how federal health policy will affect individual patients. However, congress and the Obama administration turned to activists and academia for input on the law (Affordable Care Act) instead.

● The 2010 Affordable Care Act “missed the mark” because it did not consult practicing MDs to get their input. In fact, practicing physicians and patients had no meaningful influence and input on the legislation. Had Congress taken the time and worked with doctors, instead of forcing a nationalized health system upon them, the outcomes might have been much different.

● The delivery and financing of healthcare is now in the hands of huge institutions and corporations.

● Health-provider systems of all sizes have been forced by the law to spend millions of dollars in order to comply with the complexity of the Affordable Care Act.

● The victims of this massively large, federalized healthcare system are the individual patients and the tens of thousands of independent practice physicians and surgeons who want to serve them.

● The federal bureaucrats are gambling that big medicine can deliver affordable, and life-saving healthcare to millions of Americans. Their attempt will have an unhealthy outcome for individual patients.

● There has been previous attempts to reform healthcare, however, Obama care has been a far more dangerous infringement than previous reform efforts. In fact, it has sped up, and it continues to speed up the dissolution of the physician-patient relationship.

● The negative impact that middlemen – insurance companies and multiple government agencies – have had on the healthcare system. These middlemen have created an adversarial relationship between doctor and patient. These middlemen have not only had a negative impact on the delivery of healthcare, they have also driven up cost and limited access to necessary care.

● Dr. George discusses how she remade her practice into a direct pay model, thus eliminating the need for a third party payer system and bureaucratic government intrusion.

● In both chapters 25, and 27, Dr. George provides solutions on how to both ‘fix’ as well as ‘reform’ the current healthcare system.

Commentary and Review

The highlights and summary that I just provided for you are pretty self-explanatory, and it summarizes what the book ‘Big Medicine’ is all about. So for that reason I really don’t need to add any more commentary on what the book is all about. It also does a good job summarizing the major flaws and shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare. Or in-other-words it does a really good job exposing the flaws, shortcomings and problems with the law. However, this only scratches the surface when talking about the problems of Obamacare. Here are a few additional reasons why Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster.

Why Obamacare has been an Unmitigated Disaster!

  • Health insurance premiums continue to rise at an alarming rate.
  • There is strong evidence to support the fact that Obamacare continues to raise health care costs for small businesses.
  • Economic studies show that Obamacare has reduced the pay of workers at small businesses.
  • Because of its onerous regulations and increased premiums Obamacare has been responsible for shedding well over 350,000 American jobs.
  • You are required to pay excessive and exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses with the ‘Federal Health Insurance Plans’.
  • For American employers, the total cost of the law could range anywhere from $157 billion to $186 billion.
  • And then lastly, because of the additional cost of Obamacare, the law continues to discourage businesses from creating new jobs.

So here is a fair question many of you may be asking right now. You have laid out and outlined the shortcomings and major flaws of this massive new law, but what about a solution to the problem? Is there a better and more efficient way to deliver healthcare to the American people? Well, the good news is yes, there is a much better and more efficient way to deliver healthcare to the American people and I wrote about it in the article “The Future of Healthcare: The New Healthcare Delivery System”. To read the article in its entirety, please click on the following web link: The Future of Healthcare

I also wrote another article describing the future of healthcare titled “Affordable Health Care: How to Achieve Low Cost Health Care”. You can read the article in it’s entirety at the following web link: Affordable Health Care

This concludes the review and summary of the book “Big Medicine” by Dr. Elaina George. You can purchase this terrific book at the following product link:

Big Medicine: The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together Can Rebuild a Better System