Personal Wellness

personal wellnessFirst of all, let’s define personal wellness – A state of emotional and mental stability.  Achieving independence and freedom.  Peace of mind in your personal and family life.

That is a very general description of personal wellness, but in reality there really is no way that you can define what personal wellness really is.  Because in actuality, it can be very subjective trying to describe it’s true meaning.  What is one persons definition can be different from another persons definition, for example;

To one person personal wellness means having accumulated great wealth, while to another person it could mean having a great loving family, while to another it could be a hobby that he or she loves and cherishes.

Whatever the meaning, it depends on each persons individual wants and needs and what makes them happy.

To me personally, personal wellness is a combination of physical wellness (living a long and healthy life), financial wellness (wealth building and securing your financial future) and environmental wellness (toxic free environment in my home).